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Jeff Pulver is an American Internet entrepreneur known for his work as founder and chief executive of pulver.com and co-founder of Free World Dialup, Vonage, the VON Coalition, MoNage, Blockchain Token Association and Zula (app). Pulver has been called a Voice over Internet Protocol pioneer, and has written extensively on VoIP telephony, and the need to develop an alternative to government regulation of its applications layer.

The results of Jeff Pulver’s dedication to the future of communication technology, together with his focused efforts in communicating with global regulatory agencies, has resulted in Jeff being the person who literally helped change the way the world communicates. Many people living on the Internet these days take for granted the ability to engage in one-on-one or one to many, voice and/or video chats, for free. This feature of the Internet era was forseen years ago, but only came into being after the passing of what is known as the Pulver Order.


So what is The Pulver Order?

Jeff is the chief writer of what is referred to as the Pulver Order. This order was adopted in 2004 by the Federal Communications Commission as the first FCC ruling regarding Internet Protocol (IP) communications. The order ruled that computer-to-computer VoIP is not a telecommunications service. Jeff coined the term purple minutes to describe value-added IP network traffic.


Considered one of the leading global experts in the field of streaming audio and video technologies, Pulver has been recognized as a pioneer in VoIP.  Jeff was profiled in 2006 by The Wall Street Journal, discussing his visions about both voice and video communications via the Internet.

In 1995 he coined the term VON to stand for Voice/Video on the Net and continues today to contribute words to both the telecom and social media vernacular. In 1996 he founded the VON Coalition which helped keep VoIP unregulated in America for 9 years. During the VON era, Jeff started a company in 1998, which in 2001, changed its name to Vonage.  Vonage then went public in 2006. From 1997 to 2008 he produced and hosted the VON Conferences. VON conferences in the US, Europe and Asia and helped create and coalesce ecosystems around VoIP and online communications.

Jeff has been named as "a leading thought-leader on the Real-Time Web" and refers to himself as a habitual entrepreneur, always looking on the edge for the newest trends in the world around him. 

Jeff is an astrophotographer who is happiest under the dark skies of Middle Caicos, under the Milky Way. Jeff feels and sees awe all around him.


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